2000 Publications

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  • d. l. goosney, s. gruenheid, and b. b. finlay. (2000) Gut feelings: enteropathogenic e. coli (epec) interactions with the host. annual review of cell and developmental biology 16:173-89.  [abstract]
  • b. a. vallance and b. b. finlay. (2000) Exploitation of host cells by enteropathogenic escherichia coliproceedings of the national academy of sciences of the united states of america 97:8799-806.  [abstract]
  • o. steele-mortimer, l. a. knodler, s. l. marcus, m. p. scheid, b. goh, c. g. pfeifer, v. duronio, and b. b. finlay. (2000) Activation of akt/protein kinase b in epithelial cells by the salmonella typhimurium effector sigd. journal of biological chemistry 275:37718-24.  [abstract]
  • y. luo, e. a. frey, r. a. pfuetzner, a. l. creagh, d. g. knoechel, c. a. haynes, b. b. finlay, and n. c. strynadka. (2000) Crystal structure of enteropathogenic escherichia coli intimin-receptor complex. nature 405:1073-7.  [abstract]
  • c. m. rosenberger, m. g. scott, m. r. gold, r. e. hancock, and b. b. finlay. (2000) Salmonella typhimurium infection and lipopolysaccharide stimulation induce similar changes in macrophage gene expression. journal of immunology 164:5894-904.  [abstract]
  • d. l. goosney, r. devinney, r. a. pfuetzner, e. a. frey, n. c. strynadka, and b. b. finlay. (2000)Enteropathogenic escherichia coli translocated intimin receptor, tir, interacts directly with alpha-actinin. current biology 15:735-8.  [abstract]
  • j. celli, w. deng and b. b. finlay. (2000) Enteropathogenic e. coli (epec) attachment to epithelial cells. cellular microbiology 2: 1-10. [abstract]
  • r. devinney, o. steele-mortimer and b. b. finlay. (2000) Phosphatases and kinases delivered to the host cell by bacterial pathogens. trends in microbiology 8: 29-33. [abstract]
  • s. l. marcus, j. h. brumell, c. g. pfeifer and b. b. finlay. (2000) Salmonella pathogenicity islands:  big virulence in small packages. microbes and infection 2: 1-12.      [abstract]
  • o. steele-mortimer, l. a. knodler and b. b. finlay. (2000) Poisons, ruffles and rockets:  bacterial pathogens and the host cell cytoskeleton. traffic 1: 107-118. [abstract]
  • u. heczko, a. abe and b. b. finlay. (2000) In vivo interactions of rabbit enteropathogenic escherichia coli: 0103 with its host:  an electron microscopic and histopathologic study. microbes and infection 2: 5-16.      [abstract]